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The choice of thousands of religious and military radio stations
Elenos Worldwide

With over 40,000 transmitters sold throughout the world and its unparalleled reputation, Elenos is now the landmark for those working in the broadcasting world. Reduced size and power consumption, plus maximum reliability combined with smart design, make just some of the major features backing ETG’s popularity with tens of thousands of radio stations in over 100 Countries around the world.

The transmitters, endowed with an elaborate and complex algorithm system for optimized management, and supported by last technology, are designed to best meet the needs of all radio station types.

In detail, Elenos transmitters have become increasingly appealing to religious and military radio stations, and now boast outstanding customers including the World Family of Radio Maria and the NATO Army.

So, why have bodies of such international standing decided to purchase Elenos transmitters

The answer is simple: Elenos does not just manufacture transmitters, it provides customers with a unique service ecosystem, along with a set of cutting-edge Broadcast technology, worldwide.



    Elenos makes the ideal religious radio station partner, especially for those lacking experience or time for handling some of the issues – like radio system optimisation, for instance.”Whatever your information or support requirements are, we will work together to find the best solution “, this is the rule that Elenos complies with when dealing with religious radio stations, from large networks to small rural radios.Therefore, Elenos not only provides anyone with top   quality products, it also proposes service, technical support and training: ongoing support according to the motto “Always stay on air.”

    Hundreds of technicians at religious radio stations currently attend our Elenos Broadcasting School and use the e-learning platform, specifically designed to make anybody able to access the basic knowledge involving our transmitters, at any time. This ally is incredibly valuable for making our know-how, a key feature built up over decades in the international broadcasting market, available.

    In addition, Elenos cutting-edge technology caters for energy saving on an annual basis, dramatically cutting down maintenance expenses: a key issue for all radio stations, especially when the budget is limited.An there is much more: planar technology, a sharp reduction in the number of components and  electrical cables, and easy use, maintenance and repair keep Elenos devices simple,  unlike competitor products.The outcome is a degree of saving, both time and money wise, hard to find in other brands.



    No other radio transmitter in the world can pride itself with the excellent degree of reliability achieved by Elenos brand devices. Indeed, according to the vast majority of our clientele, the strength of Elenos products lies in the fact they just « never stop».Always on air, in any situation, even if extremely adverse environmental conditions occur, and also in the event of system malfunction.Would you like to find out more? Well, have a look at “Elenos Hot Swap” technology, which enables  high power systems to stay on air even if one amplifier fails, decreasing output until the module has been replaced.

    Elenos transmitters are simply designed to be smart devices, supported by technology able to enhance their effectiveness and efficiency on the field.The “Lifextender” icon borne by each transmitter certifies advanced algorithm content, from a single patent developed by Elenos, to extend transmitter life and provide ongoing operation.Some information on Lifextender  smart algorithm effectiveness:

    • A dedicated sensor detects the temperature inside the transmitter, so that, when it is too high, the Lifextender algorithms adjust fan rotation speed in order to lower it, or decrease rotation to maintain it stable under the stress threshold, concurrently reducing apparatus power consumption.
    • Should reflected power increase, the transmitter automatically starts lowering output power until reflected power reaches a value compatible with machine nominal operation. For example, if ice forms on the antennas, the transmitter automatically reduces output power to compensate the increase in reflected power, thus avoiding sudden shutdown.
    • Lifextender enables each single part of the transmitter to operate under ideal conditions. Maintenance requirements therefore drop, along with faults and operating costs, while device life is extended exponentially.
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