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FM Transmitters
3500W – 5000W ETG Indium

The most advanced technology regarding electrical efficiency, compact and lightweight design, ease of use, diagnostics and completeness of operating data, protection strategy and operation under extreme conditions.

Save your energy & Space-saving

The transmitters in this product line are available in 2 different power levels


The Elenos medium power transmitter product line includes models from 2500W to 5000W.

These models can come with an amplifier and integrated modulator (exciter) in the same chassis (4U), or with a separate ETG 2U series low power modulator (exciter) and an E 4U series amplifier totaling 6U.

These products represent the most advanced technology in terms of electrical efficiency, compactness, reduced weight, ease of use, and diagnostics.

Additionally, the technology in these products offers the most complete access to transmitter operating data, protection operation, and the ability to operate under severe environmental conditions while maintaining undiminished RF and audio specifications.

This product line has been designed to guarantee the maximum performance and operation while lowering operational costs through energy saving technology.

How is this possible?
Mainly due to innovative techniques in RF design, intelligent power supplies, and through the use of powerful algorithms designed for optimal performance management.

The ETG Indium 4U transmitters achieve levels of overall electrical efficiency unseen in the market today, while also providing an extremely high operational performance under extreme environmental conditions (high external temperatures, poorly adjusted antenna, and fluctuations in the network).

The great efficiency of the RF amplifiers, modulator, and power supplies has also allowed a noticeable reduction of operating temperature, system weight and size.

The resulting advantages are substantial: easier installation and lowered transportation, rack space and energy costs.

Each of the transmitters in this product line provide accurate real-time operating data, thus allowing the user a precise status of the equipment operation in order to easily identify possible problems, either through a local user interface or via remote devices.

The user can receive data and send instructions to the transmitter via several communication channels – SMS, GPRS, TCP/IP and SNMP.

Fast boot-up time / High temperature resistant / Strong

The Indium has an extremely fast boot-up time.
It will get you on-air in seconds, and is extremely water and high temperature resistant.




Ultra compact size, light weight, clean layout, ease of maintenance and repair.



Highly reduced energy consumption and significantly lowered operating costs due to state of the art nature of the design.



Extremely high reliability and the ability to ensure continuity of the service even under extreme operating conditions due to intelligent safety protocols, Icefet technology, and Lifextender algorithms.


Accurate and detailed real time data on the operating status of the transmitter, available at the analytical level, (voltage, current, power, temperature, efficiency, safety, settings, audio levels, communications). Local and remote management and control via Serial Protocol, SMS, GPRS, SNMP, WEB.



All products are designed to be scalable with the greatest advantage that any technological improvement affecting the base product is directly transferred to all equipment in the product family via upgrades.


The cost savings due to the compact size of the equipment, planar technology and other features make this series a most competitive value for both large and small networks and radio operators.



Exceptional stability, repeatability, reliability and ease of maintenance are
achieved through the use of planar technology within the entire RF section (RF modules, combiners, splitter and low-pass filter).

This allows for the minimization of internal connections and soldering, increasing long term operation and performance.

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