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We recommend quality equipment and after sales service

Original text:

“Notre société a fait confiance à Elenos pour alimenter ses émetteurs pour nos radios FM – émetteurs de 500w et de 1kw, (more…)


Easiest and most trouble free transmitter installations

Wyoming Public Radio has a new Elenos transmitter installed at their site in Rawlins, Wyoming. (more…)

Shane Toven

Thanks a lot to Elenos for understanding our troubles

In the last years we bought many Elenos transmitters.

After going on air, we tried to link Elenos transmitters to our monitoring system (Algorab Aube) and use transmitter’s and Echos6’s web interfaces to execute manual change operations. (more…)


We currently own 16 Elenos transmitters

I am the Business Manager and Network Engineer for the Smile FM Radio Network. Smile FM Owns and operates 21 NCE stations in Michigan and we currently own 16 Elenos transmitters. (more…)

Clayton Hewitt

Elenos products are very reliable and service is superb

Elenos products are very reliable and service is superb. We have placed the transmitters in extremely harsh environments. I have even enduring extremely high temperatures in Saharan Africa. (more…)

WF Logo Small

We are happy to be associated with Elenos

Vision from Uganda is leading company in Broadcast Media, we are happy to be associated with Elenos in our new FM projects setting up 7 radio stations in Uganda!

New Vision Uganda Logo

I am very pleased with the ELENOS products

I liked, of what I have seen, the statements were spectacular, indeed! I saw things that I had never seen that particular issue of the issuer that works at high temperatures, and maintains its normal performance. (more…)


Highest quality, courtesy, availability and expertise.

I was immediately struck by the look of the machine and by the economic conditions. (more…)

Radio Azzurra

We were impressed with the initial look at the 2009 NAB Show

In Dunes we made the decision to replace our current transmitter. We looked at all the 5 kW units on the market, and it was apparent from the outset that the ETG5000 was our winner. (more…)

Dunes 102 Fm

Great transmitters and support

I purchased an Elenos radio broadcast transmitter for 90.9 XHRYA, an FM station in Reynosa, Mexico, just across the Texas–Mexico border. (more…)

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