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The Professor

The Professor

“Fantasy, courage, resourcefulness and lots of knowledge.
And this all inspired and guided me before really knowing him. Then I met him: and it was even far more! I discovered a kind and big-hearted person. With him I enjoyed talking and exploring new ideas… even bizarre ones; but certainly innovative!
Sometimes it seemed impossible to realize but instead, the road became reality… It was incredible!

To think that just a few days ago we were discussing better ways to design a new transmitter, and today I can’t believe it is not a reality anymore.
It always amazed me that each time I had a doubt, he still found an idea that shifted the paradigm!
He would look at my face, which certainly showed disbelief, and pleasantly smiled, for putting me in doubt!

It was our favorite game; trying to put the other in doubt and disbelief; but always trying to overcome the limits of practical knowledge.
And it was in this way that the Professor was most extraordinary! I will forever miss and never forget this…”


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