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2016, April 18-21 | NAB 2016 exhibition is coming!

2016,  April 18-21 | NAB 2016 Exhibition Is Coming!

Itelco and Elenos along with 305 Broadcast will be attending at booth N1530.

Our team will be proud to introduce the latest exciting innovations upgraded in Itelco and Elenos equipment lines.

Itelco TV Products on Display at NAB 2016 (

  • LOW POWER: Alpan UHF Compact Transmitter Line. At the heart of the line is the MEXII multimode exciter combined with the Thalna air-cooled amplification module. The integration of these technologies allows for maximum compactness, modularity and redundancy.
  • MEDIUM POWER: the Thalna Air-Cooled TX Line delivers up to 2.4 kWrms in DVB-T/H in a single 19-inch rack.
  • HIGH POWER: Northia Liquid-Cooled TX Line. Up to 10 kWrms in DVB-T/H in a single 19-inch rack.

The Itelco-Electrosys’ optimized manufacturing process means that users benefit from operating cost reduction, ease of maintenance and the effortless management of spare parts.

Elenos RADIO Products on Display at NAB 2016 (

  • NEW*** 5kW Digital ETG Indium, 4Unit, Ultra-Compact FM Transmitter: high audio quality, advanced signal-to-noise-ratio, very low total harmonic distortion, SFN operation, energy-saving unit, total remote control via SNMP… come to discover other great features!!
  • E10000 FM Amplifier: efficiency of up to 70 percent, 10 kW FM amplifier in a 4-unit rack.
  • Avatar Network Manager: the big brother of your radio network! Avatar is the most innovative, powerful and valuable remote control system available on the market. It offers users a complete system composed of a main data energy management module, maintenance module, quality and measurement module and network management module.

Join us at booth N1530 for a drink and a friendly chat with our team. It is the perfect opportunity to get to know each other better and learn more about what we have to offer you. Book your personal meeting in advance using the direct email

Itelco & Elenos: 100 years of experience at your service to face market evolutions. We can provide the state of the art of turn-key projects tailored according to specific requirements. “Working with you to face future challenges“: this is our goal… this is our mission!

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