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Welcome the new generation

Welcome The New Generation

Elenos is glad to welcome the new high power FM transmitter series, high performances and efficiency.

The power range for this series is 10kW – 100 kW, other power classes are available upon request.Β These new Elenos high power transmitters are completely modular, for a guarantee of reliability, ease of use, high redundancy and full possibility of interchange between the parts.

  • Every transmitter of this line includes:
  • Exciter (analog or digital, upon request)
  • Power amplifier, with new generation LDMOS technology.
  • Power combiner
  • Power distribution
  • Rack with ventilation system included
  • Control unit, for complete managing in local or remote mode (web server, web manager and SNMP agent).


In this first date, we focus on ET10000, 10kW dual driver FM transmitter.

A 32 units rack includes:

  • n.2 exciter with Audio input, analog and digital.
  • n.2 5kW amplifiers
  • n.1 unit combiner with inside: 2 way splitter, 2 way combiner, automatic coax relay for automatic change between exciter 1 and 2, system charge.



  • SolidStatetechnology
  • LDMOS transistors
  • Clearly arranged and easily accessible rack
  • Ultra high redundancy, thanks to modular configuration
  • Low junction temperatures of the RF power transistors
  • Remote/local control
  • Protective circuits for the RF power transistors
  • High suppression of intermodulation products
  • Efficient, low noise forced air cooling
  • Very low power consumption technology


With its global multi-year experience in radio broadcasting, Elenos is at complete disposal of the customer, offering a complete service: from designing, to commissioning and monitoring the product (turn key solution).


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