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We are from Radio Zenith and we broadcast in Cyprus.
For the last 15 years we have been using a 5kW tube transmitter from Elenos and even today it is in a very good condition.
Recently we replaced the 5kW tube transmitter with an Elenos ET10000 solid state transmitter. We have been astonished from the technological evolution of Elenos. It is unbelievably clever, efficient and stable equipment. We were highly impressed from the telemetry system. It is possible to do everything from your office computer, or from a laptop. You can also adjust the output power remotely of your transmitter for each and every hour of the day so that during low listening hours by reducing the output power you economize on your mains bills dramatically.
The Elenos Service Department is described with one word “perfect”. They are simply professionals who can help you whenever is needed.

For us ELENOS is again ELENOS and forever ELENOS.

We Have Been Astonished From The Technological Evolution Of Elenos
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