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In Dunes we made the decision to replace our current transmitter. We looked at all the 5 kW units on the market, and it was apparent from the outset that the ETG5000 was our winner. We were impressed with the initial look at the 2009 NAB Show and in looking more closely we became overwhelmed by the features. The unit is very compact, only 4 rack-units high, and the chassis is all stainless steel. It can be powered by either three-phase or single-phase power and it comes with all the useful connections for standard remote control functions and direct PC interfacing.

A HyperTerminal/TTY-ANSI communication allows for an instant connection to any PC with no need for a dedicated software loading. Thanks to the modular intemal architecture, individual RF sections and individual power supplies can be removed for servicing if ever necessary, and the unit will stay on the air even if some modules were inoperative or removed.

The PA section is also very conservatively designed, so that if even up to two RF MOSFET sections were to fail, the unit can still operate at full power as well. Setting and supervising the unit is a breeze thanks to a user-friendly. step-by-step menu on a front panel LCD where you can read all parameters including even the individual status of each inter-nal MOSFET and each power supply, as well as event history, exact electrical efficiency and much more. The front panel also has a convenient RF monitor BNC port and a security lockout function to prevent access to settings by unauthorized persons. The unit is fully protected against all kinds of adverse environmental conditions and will stay on the air with gradual power foldback even in case of SWR or other unfavorable conditions, and when the alarm status goes away it will automatically retum to full power.

And speaking of power, the electrical efficiency is at well over 70 percent overall (meaning total cabinet efficiency, not just the PA section). We were also rewarded with the easiest and most trouble-free installation in the history of our 12 startup installations. The ETG5000 transmitter can be handled by a single person, if necessary.

Within 30 minutes of opening the crate the unit was up at our licensed power and has stayed that way at our transmitter site for the past four months with the output power locked to within one Wall of our initial stetting four months ago.

We Were Impressed With The Initial Look At The 2009 NAB Show
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