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Support and Docs

The phone numbers that can be inserted inside the Elenos equipment, must be preceded by the country code +39?
Yes, it's mandatory.
Where is it possible to find the manuals for all Elenos devices?
Manuals can be downloaded from the "Download Area" website, only after registration. Here is the link: http://www.elenos.com/downloads/
I reset the ebox. How can I recover the default password?
ACCESS CREDENTIALS User: administrator Password: elenos11
Do you offer deferred payments?
No, usually we don’t.
Do you provide training courses for your products?
Yes, we do; we have 2 different levels of training, check them out here. Or, we have an e-learning program that you can use for a quick start and basic maintenance of the equipment.
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Tech Support

What does it mean the alarm 049 "drain voltage feedback error"?
See alarms table on page 48 of the user manual 4 HU. This alarm signals the lack of control of the VDS for causes such as voltage dips, incorrect supply, etc.
Replacement and jumper settings for power supplies about equipment 4RU. How to proceed?
Refer to technical bulletin n°168 attached, drafted by UT in two languages.
How to enable sending an SMS when GSM modem is connected to devices?
See settings on page 44 of the user manual, paragraph 3.1.24. The parameter to be set is: ENABLE SMS TRUE
How to initialize the GSM modem?
Through term program. In this case, contact Elenos anyway.
Do you use tropicalization systems for your products?
Yes, we do this since many years and the risk of failure for humidity or corrosion is practically reduced to 0.
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Remote Control

If I need to remote control my transmitter with the E.Box iphone app, can I?
No, sorry, but this app is under development; you can contact us for a beta version.
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