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After a long time, the main TV tower of Russia finally opened its doors to Elenos

After A Long Time, The Main TV Tower Of Russia Finally Opened Its Doors To Elenos
The first and only English speaking radio in Russia, CapitalFM gave its preference to Elenos when choosing a transmitter for Ostankino Tower.
The Technical Director Andrey Vedeneev chose for his station an automatic redundancy system 1+1 full with automatic switchover, which consists of 5 kW main and 5 kW reserve transmitters.
“We choose Elenos transmitters because they were the most compact, easy to install and performed the best under such difficult conditions.” Said Vedeneev
In case of signal loss on the main transmitter, the system automatically switches to the backup one while maintaining the priority of the audio signals.
The notification with alarm will be immediately sent to recipients according to the configured preferences (e-mail, SMS).
The system is delivered fully equipped, configured and ready to work.
We thank again Andrey and Capital FM Moscow for the choice and wish them many years of uninterrupted and stable broadcasting
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