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Continuous innovation in FM Broadcast
10kW in just 6RU Radio FM Transmitter
Analog and Digital modulation available

Suitable for:

  • Very high power stations in extremely small places
  • N+1 Systems, with very strong size reduction
  • Reserve in high power N+1 systems
  • Amplifier module for modern high power transmitters
  • Jolly transmitter for any FM application
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Very high electric efficiency if used at full power: > 70%

– 3 dB: > 68%

Very high electric efficiency if used at – 3 dB: > 68%

– 6 dB: > 65%

Very high electric efficiency if used at – 6 dB: > 65%

Exceptional compactness:
only 4 units for 10 kW

Exceptional light weight:
4.7 kG / kW

Extremely simple and sturdy RF modules


Simple and sturdy combining system, with air suspended lines

Exceptional internal protection system

Innovative algorithms to avoid fault propagation

Extremely accurate diagnostics

Innovative remote control

100% Made in Italy, Italian design


Elenos ET10000x transmitter consists of 1 modulator in 2RU and 1 amplifier in 4RU


Higher compactness means:

  • The smallest dimensions available
  • Increased ease of installation
  • Increased ease of maintenance
  • Lower shipping costs
  • Lower station costs

Higher electric efficiency

  • Lower electricity cost
  • Simpler heat exchange system
    • Light weight
    • Reduced dimensions
  • Lower consumption fans
  • Lower internal temperatures
  • Higher reliability

Power Pack – Designed by Elenos


Several years ago, because of the low quality of OEM Switching Power Supplies – even among industrial supplies – we started to design and manifacture our own supply. Today our power supply can adjust the output voltage from typically 25 VDC (this value can vary with the model of transmitter from 16 to 28 VDC) up to 50 VDC in order to obtain the maximum efficiency at any RF power level


More efficient technologies

  • New generation LDMOS BLF188XR
  • More robustness (ROS 60:1)
  • Greater reliability even at full power
  • Advanced remote connection
  • Greater efficiency power supplies (90-92%)

14 LDMOS 1 kW each
BLF188XR extremely rugged series



3 new power supplies, 5 kW each:

  • Greater efficiency (about 92%)
  • Better diagnostics

Possibility of connection:

  • Star three-phase, 400 VAC
  • Triangular three-phase 210 VAC
  • Single phase

Advanced Remote Control

Through the innovative remote interface it is possible to monitor the equipment, analyze all the operating parameters and easily identify faults, even if geographically distributed.

Remote control works via:

  • WEB
  • SNMP
  • GSM
  • SMS
  • APP (iOS / Android)

The platform is scalable and can also control multi-brand devices.

Iphone Map[1]
Iphone Map[1]

RF amplifier
with very high


Measurement and control electronics


High efficiency heat sink


Greater efficiency in numbers


overall, full band

> 72%

typical @ full power

> 70%

typical @ -3 dB

> 66%

typical @ -6 dB


Save on
electricity bill

Possibility to dynamically adjust the RF output power according to time and day, to get the greatest possible savings


Light weight

  • Transport ease even in critical stations
  • Lower shipping costs

47 kg


  • Every part has been designed to allow the continuous operation at the maximum nominal power

10 kW

in just 4RU

Innovative algorythms

  • Protection against VSWR:
    foldback in case of slow increasing, istantaneous
    in case of quick increasing
  • Protection against eccess of temperature: proportionally reduced RF power to bring back the measured temperature at tolerable values on each MOSFET and on every Power Supply
  • Protection against over current excess from Power Supplies: The RF power is proportionally reduced to allow a safe functioning
  • Protection against fault propagation in case of output combing system / low pass filter breaking: the power supply is immediately interrupted
  • Protection against over current from the mains
  • Proportional output power adjustment to the mains
  • Protection against one or more MOSFETs failure: power is proportionally reduced to allow a safe working with remaining MOSFETs, depending on the faulty MOSFETs combination
  • Fan speed increasing at 120% in case of one RF MOSFET fault
  • Protection against power oscillations in case of mains dips
  • Protection against driving RF power wrong value
  • Efficiency optimization for output RF power low values (eg -6 dB)
  • Two different speeds of output RF power increasing, for application on dummy load and antenna
  • Automatic control on working fans speed and real cooling necessity
  • Alarm state recognizing and termination reporting
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