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FM Transmitters

150W - 2000W ETG INDIUM

The products in this series combine ultra high efficiency, high reliability and low energy consumption in a sleek, 2RU high, compact rack mountable unit.

ETG 150 | ETG 500 | ETG 1000 | ETG 2000

FM Transmitters

3500W - 5000W ETG INDIUM

The most advanced technology regarding electrical efficiency, compact and lightweight design, ease of use, diagnostics and completeness of operating data, protection strategy and operation under extreme conditions.

ETG 3500 | ETG 5000

FM Transmitters

10000W - 60000W ET INDIUM

The technology in the Elenos High Power Transmitters Line offers the most complete access to transmitters operating data, protection operation, and the ability to operate under severe environmental conditions while maintaining undiminished RF and audio specifications.

ET 10000 | ET 15000 | ET 20000
ET 25000 | ET 30000 | ET 60000

DIGITAL Transmitters


The ETG Digital transmitters series (low and medium power), ultra-compact FM transmitter with direct to channel digital exciter from Elenos, is a lightweight system housed in two or four rack units

ETG 20D | ETG 150D | ETG 500D | ETG 1000D
ETG 2000D | ETG 3500D | ETG 5000D

DAB+ Transmitters


The compact transmitter line IEC DAB+, that perfectly meets low power solution requirements, is capable of delivering from 50W to 300W in VHF DAB+

FROM 50W to 300W

N+1 Systems

Change Over System ECOS N+1

ECOS 6 is the optimal solution for remote, unattended transmitter sites, in critical environmental and climatic conditions: the right choice where immediate service or maintenance can not be easily implemented.

ECOS 1+1 | ECOS 2+1 | ECOS 3+1Β |Β ECOS 4+1
ECOS 5+1Β | ECOS 6+1

Remote Control

ECHOS 3 Remote Control Unit

Echos 3 is a simple and effective remote control unit, which allows connectivity of ELENOS transmitters and environmental sensors, for remote monitoring and control by the operator.

Remote Control

eBox Remote Control Unit

eBox is a remote control unit equipped with an HTTP web interface and SNMP protocol.
It is configured to be used with all Elenos transmitters, exciters, amplifiers, protection systems and exchange units.Β 

Direct Sampling

Signal Predator

The Signal Predator is a FM DIRECT SAMPLING TEST-SET which provides a unique continuous measurement of the audio Signal-to-Noise ratio without interrupting the on-air audio program content.

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