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ISOFREQUENCY IN FM – The Point Of The Situation

ISOFREQUENCY IN FM – The point of the situation

This subject excites the curiosity and interest of FM Broadcasting technicians and managers starting about forty years ago. In my life, I have received more than a thousand times this simple question: "Does it work or does it not work?"…

The Professor

The Professor

“Fantasy, courage, resourcefulness and lots of knowledge. And this all inspired and guided me before really knowing him. Then I met him: and it was even far more! I discovered a kind and big-hearted person. With him I enjoyed talking and…

Elenos Acquires Broadcast Electronics

Elenos acquires Broadcast Electronics

Elenos, a global manufacturer of FM transmitters, has acquired Broadcast Electronics (BE). Broadcast Electronics has been a trusted provider of FM and AM transmitters for more than 50 years. Founded in 1959, BE began manufacturing transmitters in 1977, and is…

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