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DAB Band III VHF Transmitter

DAB Band III VHF Transmitter

The new line of digital audio broadcasting transmitters (DAB300, DAB600) in VHF band
III are comply with Elenos standard: high power in extremely compact size and a good
total efficiency value for this kind of product.

Low space and energy requirements are then combined with maximum signal quality,
guaranteed to an high MER value (typical 34dB), to a typical shoulder attenuation of
38dB when the transmitter operates at nominal power and to the possibility to play on
an adjustable crest factor and on an adaptive precorrection.

Transmissions in line with the existing DAB, DAB+ and T-DMB specifications are

The user can switch between two ETI (G703, G704) input signals (in any case
automatically detected).
Single frequency network and multi frequency network operation are possible, also
thanks to an internal or an external GPS receiver.
Equipped with protective circuits and algorithm the transmitter deliver high reliability.
A simple interaction with the machine is made possible by easy setting parameters and
advanced remote control mechanisms (SNMP and WEB).

β€’ High power in extremely compact size
β€’ Easy setting parameters
β€’ SFN/MFN network operation
β€’ Adaptive precorrection (non linear)
β€’ Direct to channel
β€’ High MER
β€’ High reliability
β€’ Adjustable crest factor reduction (PAPR)
β€’ Internal/external GPS
β€’ DAB, DAB+, T-DMB supported standards
β€’ DAB modes: I, II, III, IV
β€’ ETI G703/G704 input
β€’ Advanced remote control

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