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After the big success of the analog FM modulators, Elenos has developed a new digital transmitter series that aims to reach the leadership in the market.

There are multiple advantages in terms of performances:

  • Improved stereophonic separation, on the whole audio band
  • Improved accuracy and stability on the transmission frequency value
  • Improved signal/noise rate, in every measuring condition
  • Absence of microphony

The new modulator allows not only the realization in digital of the signal elaboration section in baseband, but of the entire high frequency generation section. This way, the whole transmitted signal is synthesized in digital mode without any quality loss, compared to the source signal.Thanks to the entirely digital elaboration, Elenos transmitters now offer new powerful built-in features, in addition to the traditional ones:

  • Digital MPX input, which avoids the passage of the signal in analog form and the consequent degradation of quality and S/N ratio
  • Digital stereo coder, with extremely high separation and performances stability
  • Automatic switch between the different signal inputs (under construction) in order to always maintain the transmitter on air, even in case of signal distribution problem
  • RDS generator/modulator locally and remotely programmable (under construction) allowing the maximum scheduling flexibility
  • SFN adapter (under construction) for realizing isofrequential transmitters networks with the minimum possible level of interference
  • Streaming decoder (under construction) in order to use the LAN network for the transfer of the signal coming from the production center, most of all in case of emergency or other distribution channels lack
  • SNMP telemetry (under construction) in order to manage every function of the transmitter by the LAN network
  • Website (under construction) that we will use for remotely interact with the apparatus

The modulators and transmitters of the new digital family maintain all the exceptional performances of reliability, efficiency and low consumption that characterized the analog models, appreciated all over the world.

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