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E10000X ELENOS: the result of 10 years of research in energy saving

E10000X ELENOS: The Result Of 10 Years Of Research In Energy Saving

The new E10000X amplifier is the latest of a series of Elenos devices that proudly boasts a world record: being the first design to be primarily focused on energy conservation in the context of radio broadcasting transmission.

The Intent of this technology is aimed at improving the environmental impact and energy conservation of transmitting stations, which also yielding huge cost savings for the broadcaster.

Antonello Giovannelli, Director of Research and Development at Elenos, starting in 2003, introduced the “IceFet” concept of power amplifiers and transmitters delivering the highest possible performance while achieving the highest energy efficiency available with existing RF and electronic devices. The concept initially started with 3000 watts in a 4 RU rack and then increased to 5000 watts and beyond.

The market need for producing lower power consumption, small size and low costs had begun; which is why Elenos prioritized this concept and opportunity. In 2007 the economic crisis arrived, but at that time Elenos had already had invested 4 years in its new “IceFet” concept resulting in a complete product line which offered very high energy efficiency and performance.  The result of this program sparked an industry wide customer need for higher efficiency products to keep operational costs down.

The possibility of programming power, already present in the original projects, was then further improved by Elenos over time, allowing for even more significant savings on power efficiency and simultaneously allowing yet even higher power levels of up to 10000 Watts in 4 RU.  Introducing the new Elenos E10000X amplifier.

This new product will be presented at Caper 2017 and at Broadcast Indonesia

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