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Nowadays, reaching 72% efficiency with an FM transmitter is no longer a mirage

Nowadays, Reaching 72% Efficiency With An FM Transmitter Is No Longer A Mirage

No, we are not talking about transmitter energy efficiency measured on the amplifiers’ internal RF! This absolutely not: by doing so, we might easily boast an 84% efficiency but this would not reflect the truth.

No, we are talking about a practical measurement carried out starting from the mains contacts being this the sole measurement allowing to monitor the real consumption of an FM transmitter.

Today, by the tests performed on the mains distribution, an Elenos 5kW FM transmitter is delivered to customers with an average of 71% up to 74% certified efficiency in the FM band.
As an example: by operating 20 Elenos 5kW FM transmitters, with a kWh cost of 0,20$, the annual electricity bill would amount to $245.280 instead of $318,545 which is the average to be paid by operating transmitters of other brands.  Therefore, obtaining a 23% saving, less $73,265 per yearly operation!

This is the outcome of Elenos R&D who endeavored to improve efficiency of the RF section and of the power supplies, for the last 15 years.  Also minimizing the losses on the combining stages, Elenos achieved delivery to customers not only of reliable and enduring equipment but it also achieved the apex in terms of efficiency still to be equaled by others.

The actual Elenos presence on African market is being enhanced by new Centers of Excellence: the companies Headway (Khartoum, Sudan) and Clyde (Abuja, Nigeria). These two new centers join Broadcast Solutions International, company being already Center of Excellence since several years in Nairobi, Kenya.

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