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I like Elenos transmitters Reliability, power consumption, compact size and new technology

The workshop in Elenos is great. This is my valuable experience to know about Elenos factory and the process of manufacturing of the transmitter and how the Elenos R&D department develope the new technology for Elenos. (more…)

Adreas Modificata 980×1193

Elenos is really a good brand. It gives all we need, it is smart and competitive

My visit was very good, I enjoyed learning and discussing important things.
I would like to spend more time in factory. Elenos is really a good brand. It gives all we need, it is smart and competitive. There are many reasons why I prefer Elenos. (more…)

Cesar Lagos 853×640

Extensive research and design of the components

My visit to Elenos was very informative. I had the pleasure of spending a majority of my time with Daniele Prosperini, his passion and dedication on the products and company are extremely evident. (more…)


Simplicity and efficiency in a small box

Visit in your factory was very pleasant! Everybody is very friendly. I felt like part of the team since the first day. Thank you all for the great hosptality. (more…)

Elenos Certification J. Mora 831×640

High efficiency transmitters

Your products are perfect! The tech support is very fast and efficient and has improved exponentially over the time. Our clients are always surprised by the efficiency, the compactness and the possibility to reduce consumptions offered by Elenos transmitters. They also appreciate post-sales services and the product durability


I love Elenos transmitters!

I love the products with a sophisticated performance like the Elenos ones. Elenos products are better and more advanced than the others. Plus, Elenos staff is friendly and funny.


Positive feedback, good product!

Elenos products are very good and easily transportable. All broadcasters who work with me gave a positive feedback, all Elenos transmitters work without any problem.

Dejan Radenkovic
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