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They say about us...

The assistance is a huge achievement

Equipment: ET10000 ICEFET

The assistance is a huge achievement and also by telephone, in real time, you can solve many problems. The devices are functional and are β€œalways” in the most inaccessible and unlikely environmental conditions: (more…)


Great transmitters reliability

Equipment: ET10000 ICEFET

We are Elenos customers using 10KW FM transmitters on our strategic sites because of the reliability. In fact we are talking with the Elenos to assist us to Digital migration. We will use Elenos equipment for signal testing.

Logo Hot Fm

Energy saving, reliability, easy maintenance.

We are working with Elenos from 1998, we like energy saving, reliability, easy maintenance of Elenos transmitters.

Zucchinali 980×1011

The machines are very reliable and have not disappointed our expectations

We have installed ELENOS equipment for our station RADIO MONDO, the machines are very reliable and have not disappointed our expectations.


Logo Radio Mondo

Elenos systems are clear, simple and standard

Equipment: 1+1 with ETG3500

Elenos systems are clear, simple and standard. Elenos Transmitters are strong, adapter supports much more than the amount of electricity needed by the transmitter, efficiency is at top level in any power condition. (more…)


exellentes caracteristicas tecnicas

Me parece muy bueno, pratico y de exellentes caracteristicas tecnicas.


Safe and HQ products

Dear Elenos, Tx is safe in our HQ!
Thank you very much!

Regards MARKO

Radio Ognjisce Slovenia

Best quality-power and size

Our company is more than 15 years in FM broadcasting business, core business of our company is full support for FM broadcast station from Audio and Antenna system,


Logo Cool Fm

Low electricity consumption, very compact and it does not requires a lot of cooling

The ELENOS transmitter is very simple to install, easy to operate, very stable and good quality sound . (more…)

Logo Mvs

We have been astonished from the technological evolution of Elenos

We are from Radio Zenith and we broadcast in Cyprus.
For the last 15 years we have been using a 5kW tube transmitter from Elenos and even today it is in a very good condition. (more…)

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