Elenos proposes a new concept in the N+1 changeover systems scenery, based on the success of the compact transmitters of the series ETG2000 and ETG3500.

The innovation consists in a 6 transmitters (maximum) system +1 backup 2kW or 3.5kW transmitter, together with a changeover relay, an audio changeover matrix and a 3.5kW dummy load, all contained within a 40U rack.

The advantages of a similar, innovative configuration are many:

  • Extreme compactness, so extreme ease of installation, without particular predispositions in the station. The system, entirely contained in a 40U rack, is considered ready to be programmed and put into operation.
  • 7 transmitters all equal (6 + 1), for an easy system conduction thanks to the staff training that will have to learn the workflow of just one kind of transmitters.
  • “Closed” system by the interferences side and station issues, with “ad hoc” precautions for the best functioning and reliability while working.
  • CE marked system in its entirety, for avoiding issues of maintenance of compliance requirements to 1999/5 that would unavoidably arise in every case of connection of different brands equipments.

The changeover system allows an immediate understanding of the status, thanks to the easy and intuitive synoptic panel, which represents in a clear way the changeover status of every relay. The transmitter receives, from the changeover act in antenna, the “profile” of the faulty transmitter: RF power, audio levels (MPX, L, R) and of the subcarriers in order to perfectly replicate it without characteristics loss.

NAB 2016 exhibition is coming!

Itelco and Elenos along with 305 Broadcast will be attending at booth N1530.

Our team will be proud to introduce the latest exciting innovations upgraded in Itelco and Elenos equipment lines.

Itelco TV Products on Display at NAB 2016 (www.itelco.tv)

  • LOW POWER: Alpan UHF Compact Transmitter Line. At the heart of the line is the MEXII multimode exciter combined with the Thalna air-cooled amplification module. The integration of these technologies allows for maximum compactness, modularity and redundancy.
  • MEDIUM POWER: the Thalna Air-Cooled TX Line delivers up to 2.4 kWrms in DVB-T/H in a single 19-inch rack.
  • HIGH POWER: Northia Liquid-Cooled TX Line. Up to 10 kWrms in DVB-T/H in a single 19-inch rack.

The Itelco-Electrosys’ optimized manufacturing process means that users benefit from operating cost reduction, ease of maintenance and the effortless management of spare parts.

Elenos RADIO Products on Display at NAB 2016 (www.elenos.com)

  • NEW*** 5kW Digital ETG Indium, 4Unit, Ultra-Compact FM Transmitter: high audio quality, advanced signal-to-noise-ratio, very low total harmonic distortion, SFN operation, energy-saving unit, total remote control via SNMP… come to discover other great features!!
  • E10000 FM Amplifier: efficiency of up to 70 percent, 10 kW FM amplifier in a 4-unit rack.
  • Avatar Network Manager: the big brother of your radio network! Avatar is the most innovative, powerful and valuable remote control system available on the market. It offers users a complete system composed of a main data energy management module, maintenance module, quality and measurement module and network management module.

Join us at booth N1530 for a drink and a friendly chat with our team. It is the perfect opportunity to get to know each other better and learn more about what we have to offer you. Book your personal meeting in advance using the direct email marketing@elenos.com

Itelco & Elenos: 100 years of experience at your service to face market evolutions. We can provide the state of the art of turn-key projects tailored according to specific requirements. “Working with you to face future challenges“: this is our goal… this is our mission!

Nowadays, reaching 72% efficiency with an FM transmitter is no longer a mirage

No, we are not talking about transmitter energy efficiency measured on the amplifiers’ internal RF! This absolutely not: by doing so, we might easily boast an 84% efficiency but this would not reflect the truth.

No, we are talking about a practical measurement carried out starting from the mains contacts being this the sole measurement allowing to monitor the real consumption of an FM transmitter.

Today, by the tests performed on the mains distribution, an Elenos 5kW FM transmitter is delivered to customers with an average of 71% up to 74% certified efficiency in the FM band.
As an example: by operating 20 Elenos 5kW FM transmitters, with a kWh cost of 0,20$, the annual electricity bill would amount to $245.280 instead of $318,545 which is the average to be paid by operating transmitters of other brands.  Therefore, obtaining a 23% saving, less $73,265 per yearly operation!

This is the outcome of Elenos R&D who endeavored to improve efficiency of the RF section and of the power supplies, for the last 15 years.  Also minimizing the losses on the combining stages, Elenos achieved delivery to customers not only of reliable and enduring equipment but it also achieved the apex in terms of efficiency still to be equaled by others.

The actual Elenos presence on African market is being enhanced by new Centers of Excellence: the companies Headway (Khartoum, Sudan) and Clyde (Abuja, Nigeria). These two new centers join Broadcast Solutions International, company being already Center of Excellence since several years in Nairobi, Kenya.

Happy Digital Holidays


We wish you happy holidays with Elenos.

Our focus for 2016 is to keep on providing you with top radio technologies with:

  • Quality broadcasting solutions
  • Remote control and monitoring
  • Top support service


Contact us if you need any informations about our FM and TV broadcasting systems or if you are interested to work with us in the radio and tv broadcasting market. Happy 2016!

Sitemaster, Portugal

Acabamos de instalar a centésima unidade dos emissores ELENOS, serie INDIUM de 10Kw.
Os emissores ELENOS já estão presentes em mais de 50% das estações de rádio em PORTUGAL.
Obrigado á Sitemaster pela suporte e empenho na crescimento da ELENOS no mercado português e PALOP’s.

E10000X ELENOS: the result of 10 years of research in energy saving

The new E10000X amplifier is the latest of a series of Elenos devices, from the Italian manufacturer that proudly boasts a world record: being the first, ever, 12 years ago, to concern itself with energy conservation in the context of broadcasting.

Attention is paid to the environmental impact of transmitting stations, and has now also become very important for energy conservation of radio broadcasters. Antonello Giovannelli, Director of Research and Development at Elenos, told us that as early as 2003, with the project in the “IceFet” series (amplifiers and E3000 and ETG3000 transmitters integrated in 4 UR), the highest possible energy efficiency was being targeted with the available technology at the time. The market trend for limiting consumption and costs was in the air, which is why the planning staff have prioritised this opportunity. In 2007 the economic crisis arrived, but at that time Elenos had already improved its products and had a complete catalogue with a very high energy efficiency range at its disposal, which was ideal for adopting energy saving policies on consumption.
The possibility of programming power, already present in the original projects, was then further improved, allowing for an even more significant saving on electricity.

Viva la revolución!
It has been over 10 years since the launch of this product line, and the revolutionary E10000X is soon to arrive! It is a highly powerful FM amplifier that can boast an unbeatable range of characteristics of compactness, electrical efficiency and weight. The apparatus can be contained in just 4 rack units, but can provide 10kW of RF power in the 87.5-108 MHz range with a total electrical efficiency of 70%! E10000X is a highly versatile and effective solution, and can be installed in stand-alone mode, or used as a reserve for more powerful systems, but can also be used as a base module for very powerful amplifiers.
“The project started around 4 years ago”, Giovannelli explains, “and was already in the prototype stage, but we have only recently decided to market it, for two reasons. The first is technical: we wanted to work on it until it reached a maximum efficiency stateof-the-art and the best in aesthetic design. Once again we want to break the boundaries of déjà vu. The second reason is commercial: Elenos is at the very top of the energy savings and high-quality market, so much so that bringing out this model too soon would have created too much competition with our other products, on the same power band”.

Crisis breeds opportunity
Elenos is an Italian company based in the city of Ferrara and the leader of a group that includes brands such as ITELCO and Electrosys. For Elenos, being an Italian company means knowing how to combine excellence and flexibility and knowing how to transfer these qualities to its products. Elenos’s care for the environment, that from the start of the 2000’s attracted the interested of broadcasters more sensitive to these issues, with the arrival of the economic crisis from 2007 onwards became successful as a response to the growing need to manage budgets, but without compromising on the quality of the equipment and their efficiency of coverage. E10000X today is the heir to this business philosophy that has two concepts at its roots: responsibility and innovation. This equipment looks to the future of international broadcasting, it represents a real and convenient solution, both to the problems of business management, and to the challenges that the world imposes on us.


Elenos has launched a new remote control system for networks of transmitters. It is quite clear what it is used for, but still little is understood of how innovative, powerful and valuable this novelty offered by the Italian company is.

Elenos, an Italian company with headquarters in the city of Ferrara and as leader of the group that include the Itelco and Electrosys brands, has decided to assert a new Network Management System concept.
For this purpose it has developed AVATAR, which is capable of managing not just a certain number of individual transmitters, but networks of transmitters in layers, defining the traits for each group in terms of coverage, the type of audience, and the type of population density (this is relevant also for seasonal broadcasters, which are typical of tourist resorts). The data, which is organised and analysed by the system, allows you to better manage your network, from the energy cost to the output powers, so as to monitor the history of failures in each station and to attain, thanks to the system, accurate failure prevention.
AVATAR assigns a priority to each situation: in doing so you avoid wasting money and guarantee an objective test of performance of the network. The ease of use is also in having developed a drag & drop interface, through which it is possible to create a series of personalised functions and situations and to organise and manage them by simply dragging the blocks that are needed on the screen. The blocks then easily join together in a very intuitive fashion

Sleep peacefully, predict the future
Thanks to AVATAR the problem of transmitter network management is resolved through a centralised interface that analyses current and past data, allowing you to discover or even predict problems and to intervene in a timely fashion.
The suite includes Avatar Interface, the device within the station that communicates with the AVATAR system. This collects the data and sends it to the headquarters through a private cloud.
The device promptly notifies of significant events and can include a variety of tools, including a quality analyser of the mains (capable of measuring and storing events such as network failures, fluctuations in voltage and frequency, service downtime and other abnormalities), an FM receiver-demodulator with ultra-high performance (capable of providing information on the quality of the signal emitted), and other tools equipped with a USB or Ethernet interface.
The Main Data Module controls the parameters of each transmitter and the entire network, analysing performance, variations, and trends and then takes action to change them, either remotely or locally.
The Energy Managing Module provides the energy cost of the entire network and operates in a manner aimed at optimising consumption: it also calculates energy costs for different time periods and for different energy suppliers.
The Maintenance Module manages prompt interventions for troubleshooting and organises management of route maintenance intervals for the benefit of savings management.
The Quality & Measurements Module detects the quality of the in/out audio, analyses the signal transmission and audio band quality of the L & R channels up to 16kHz, displaying the stereo separation of the transmitted signal. It also carries out statistical and temporal analyses on the progress of frequency deviation and controls the quality of the RDS signal.
Finally, the Network Managing Module examines the entire network of transmitters, highlighting different types of data on several layers, so as to analyse and precisely intervene in groups of transmitters with common characteristics or problems.

ELENOS, through ITELCO Broadcast, acquires Electrosys brand and operations

Elenos SRL, worldwide leading supplier of equipment for FM radio broadcasting, announces that the company ITELCO Broadcast SRL (majority-owned by Elenos), has completed its operational framework for the acquisition of Electrosys operations and the brand name.

ITELCO Broadcast Srl, a company of the ELENOS group, is pleased to announce that, with the acquisition of Electrosys, all activities covered by the previous company immediately begin operation under ITELCO Broadcast Srl management.

The company ITELCO Broadcast Srl will engage in activities to the worldwide market with the products and the brand name of Electrosys, with organizational structure and market strategy independent from that of Elenos. In particular it should be noted that while Elenos is and will be mainly focused on the FM and Digital radio market, with products and solutions branded “Elenos”, ITELCO Broadcast will be mainly focused on the digital TV market, Scientific, Medical and FM radio, with products and solutions branded “ITELCO Broadcast-Electrosys”.

Each organization has and will have its own independent sales organization; moreover, ITELCO Broadcast will continue to manage its customers and third party partners through previous Electrosys arrangements.

Both companies will attend major international trade fairs such as NAB in Las Vegas, IBC in Amsterdam, Broadcast Asia in Singapore, from where new innovative products are going to be presented publically to the market.


We simulate an amplifier fault on an ET15000 to show how easy and fast is to replace the unit, but most of all to show that the transmitter DOESN’T SWITCH OFF if one amplifier module has fault. In case of amplifier failure, it’s easy to replace the damaged unit by unplugging it from the rack, (rear side-front side), while replacing the faulty unit, the SYSTEM STAYS ON AIR.
Only 5 minutes are needed for this operation!

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