Elenos proposes a new concept in the N+1 changeover systems scenery, based on the success of the compact transmitters of the series ETG2000 and ETG3500. The innovation consists in a 6 transmitters (maximum) system +1 backup 2kW or 3.5kW transmitter, […]

10 March 2017

NAB 2016 exhibition is coming!

Itelco and Elenos along with 305 Broadcast will be attending at booth N1530. Our team will be proud to introduce the latest exciting innovations upgraded in Itelco and Elenos equipment lines. Itelco TV Products on Display at NAB 2016 (www.itelco.tv) […]

13 April 2016

Nowadays, reaching 72% efficiency with an FM transmitter is no longer a mirage

No, we are not talking about transmitter energy efficiency measured on the amplifiers’ internal RF! This absolutely not: by doing so, we might easily boast an 84% efficiency but this would not reflect the truth. No, we are talking about […]

15 March 2016

Happy Digital Holidays

  We wish you happy holidays with Elenos. Our focus for 2016 is to keep on providing you with top radio technologies with: Quality broadcasting solutions Remote control and monitoring Top support service   Contact us if you need any […]

16 December 2015

Internal Changeover on ETG3500 / ETG5000

Elenos transmitters are famous for the internal modulator feature. But as time goes by, before purchasing an Elenos transmitter, more and more customers expressed a new doubt: Why to use a different FM exciter if I already have one? Download […]

11 December 2015

Sitemaster, Portugal

Acabamos de instalar a centésima unidade dos emissores ELENOS, serie INDIUM de 10Kw. Os emissores ELENOS já estão presentes em mais de 50% das estações de rádio em PORTUGAL. Obrigado á Sitemaster pela suporte e empenho na crescimento da ELENOS […]

1 October 2015

E10000X ELENOS: the result of 10 years of research in energy saving

The new E10000X amplifier is the latest of a series of Elenos devices that proudly boasts a world record: being the first design to be primarily focused on energy conservation in the context of radio broadcasting transmission. The Intent of […]

10 October 2017


Elenos has launched a new remote control system for networks of transmitters. It is quite clear what it is used for, but still little is understood of how innovative, powerful and valuable this novelty offered by the Italian company is. […]

7 September 2015

ELENOS, through ITELCO Broadcast, acquires Electrosys brand and operations

Elenos SRL, worldwide leading supplier of equipment for FM radio broadcasting, announces that the company ITELCO Broadcast SRL (majority-owned by Elenos), has completed its operational framework for the acquisition of Electrosys operations and the brand name. ITELCO Broadcast Srl, a […]

12 February 2015


We simulate an amplifier fault on an ET15000 to show how easy and fast is to replace the unit, but most of all to show that the transmitter DOESN’T SWITCH OFF if one amplifier module has fault. In case of […]

27 January 2015